Labcatal Homeopathic Remedies from France

In 1884 the scientific world discovered the existence of trace elements at the PASTEUR Institute of Paris, thanks of the work of Gabriel Bertrand.

Certain ions universally present in soils, as well as in plants and living organisms seem to play an essential role both in the quality of the former and the development of the latter.

Foreseeing the potential value of these minerals in human medicine, he studies their indications. The foundation stones of functional medicine are thus laid. All that is required to ensure its viability is the provision of a reliable and specific therapeutic vehicle. This is to become the work of a member of the team, Jean SUCK, who as early as 1952 founds Biological Catalysis Laboratories; with the aims of developing and marketing a range of trace elements in such a way as to comply with the requirements of medical legislation.

Labcatal was eventually founded in 1953. Labcatal is a contraction of French words "Laboratoire de Catalyse Biologique".